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Noisy, busy, nervous, so that people aspire to share the self "leisure space."

The continuation of ancient culture, the concept of the impact of modern trends, making the share of people yearn for the old classic "content."

Personality self, the evolution of behavior, so that people aspire to share are more superior to self-expression "fashion."

The Godfather Men, adhering to the past simple, elegant culture, into the trend of the times once again the concept of a complete fashion, dedicated to quality man.

Italian textile and clothing companies heavily engaged Fashion Industry Committee, an international renowned fashion designer Maurizio • Bada Surrey (MAURIZIO BALDASSARI) as the godfather of the chief designer, Mr., as a talented fashion designer, Maurizio • Bada Surrey Smirnov to show the world the talent and aura; use of today's European senior men's business casual version of the most popular type, while retaining the original style of the foundation, located in the 28-50 year old successful man, the solemn, elegant, simple design of the main body of men with characteristics of the East, to be based on the original style, innovation, selection of today's international fashion fabrics, elegant design and top production process, and the trends closely, so that it can reflect the Orientals subtle temperament and movement of flowing grace, the shape of human body structure in line with the East, the overall feeling of slender, dynamic and elegant, natural style.They, interpretation of the charm of the East Men.

Brand traceability

Since Pope Clement Mengyi Shi (CLEMENT 1.92-101) times to create a godfather, the godfather of human civilization and culture has been accompanied by the development process has gone through several centuries of development, The Godfather has become an authority, orthodoxy, a symbol of nobility and people the pursuit of a better life and spiritual life of faith.

1826 GEORGE-GODPARENT (George - Belem) was born in Rome, Italy, a religious family. Influenced by religious culture since childhood, GEORGE-GODPARENT curious about the Godfather culture, Mr. GEORGE-GODPARENT 1853 attended Sacred Heart Catholic University of Milan, specializing in fashion design arts professionals. Mr. GEORGE-GODPARENT 1859 in Rome, set up his own clothing studio, and created "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" brand, in the year was held in Rome in the autumn "The Godfather," the first solo release, the godfather of the ancient culture and the perfect combination of fashion clothing trends, creating new areas of fashion design art, laid the "Godfather (GODPARENT)" Kingdom of the development of a solid foundation for the brand.

GEORGE-GODPARENT 1885, son of JOHN-GODPARENT (John - Belem) adhering to the strict style of the old George, took over the family business, in order to meet the requirements of the times, JOHN-GODPARENT further define "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" brand culture, in the orthodox, single The men in the integration of fashion, the romantic element, free of unnecessary restraint, the design simple, elegant and noble and generous. After a century of brand accumulation and precipitation, "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" has become a leading brand of men in Europe, as the fashion industry's "Godfather."

1972 "The Godfather" (The Godfather) by the forty-fourth session of the 1972 Award for Best Picture and Best Actor.

The summer of 1972, to celebrate the "Godfather" movie won the forty-fourth session of the 1972 Best Picture Award, American novelist Mario Puzo, Mr. film industry with some of his friends and social celebrities in his country villa at grand cocktail party, the Italian clothing group founder JG Giancarlo Giannini, founder of the brand in Milan, Italy, the internationally renowned fashion designer Maurizio Baldassari, founder of Paramount Pictures President and the United States, Mr. Barry • Diller guests are invited to attend.

That night, Mario Puzo, Mr. and Mr. Giancarlo Giannini presence at the party guests and the media to announce, will be introduced in the fall of 1972 with "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" named after the Italian senior clothing line, and invited Mr. Maurizio Baldassari, "Godfather (GOD PARENT) "men's chief designer.

2001 "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" to enter the Chinese market, Belem Garments Co., Ltd. was established in Hangzhou, to expand the Chinese market. Since then, the warmth from the cold northern Europe to the Mediterranean, from the towering Alps to the vast land of China, "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" Dress for the glory of a long family history and legend GEORGE-GODPARENT will be more different colors people are famous.

Today "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" every piece of new work are adhering to the founder of GEORGE-GODPARENT serious, professional attitude and the unique charm of innovation, so that "The Godfather (GODPARENT)" has been the pursuit of fashion, simple, noble, unique taste their love successful people.

About the designer

Men's Chief Designer Godfather - Maurizio • Bada, Mr. Surrey (Mr. Maurizio Baldassari): Brand, founder of Milan, Italy, the internationally renowned fashion designers, Italian design, one of six members of the Commission clothing famous designers.

Maurizio • Bada was born in the late 60s, Mr. Ahtisaari, a young man in La Rinascente department store, this Italy's most famous department store is a great source of Italian fashion and the arena is that many creative teacher to try new brands , new style, new concepts of precious school. Bada Surrey young buyers year growth from ordinary clothing as Purchasing Manager. He spent 18 years in La Rinascente, where work experience, not only to enhance their artistic taste and knowledge of fabric, but also trained on consumer preferences and market trends, a keen insight.

In 1975, he left the La Rinascente, decided to fashion their own market over the years acquired knowledge into results, determined to become a fashion designer has a unique personality. July 1983, he launched his own clothing line brand MAURIZIOBALDASSARI.

He was attracted to study fashion at the same time, the productive capacity of the garment industry and consumer demand knitting. As a leading designer, he and many famous Italian and foreign companies, including: Ellesse, Redaelli, Bassetti, Lenco, Impruneta, Sanremo, kimTopLine, Ragno, MacJeans, Puma, lebole, ROBE di Kappa, Master and so on.

In 1975 he set up his own company named in 1983, he organized the first name of men in their own conference, praised by the world's major customers; launched in 1989, his first spring and summer Nvzhuang Zhan 1990; 1992 years as the guest of honor to be invited to participate in "HERRENMODE" exhibition; 1996, the United Kingdom, France, the leading fashion companies to provide consulting services as a consultant LASTANDA Italian chain, and the London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Switzerland in particular the internationally renowned shopping center design style clothing.

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Godparent, Godparent Fashion brand, Godparent Fashion, Godparent Official Website, Noisy, busy, nervous, so that people aspire to share the self