OLAY, OLAY Fashion brand, OLAY Fashion, OLAY Official Website, All along, OLAY been the development of the times and changes to improve itself, and keep it in mind the image of a beautiful pilot

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As P & G (Procter & Gamble) world famous skin care brand, OLAY Olay is committed to provide women with comprehensive high-quality professional skin beauty products. Olay skin care global high-tech R & D backed, in-depth understanding of skin care and beauty of Chinese women on the basis of the needs of expanding the product range now covers skin care and bath series, a comprehensive and thoughtful way to really help women in their own skin care make them younger, more self-confident, radiate beauty from the inside to the outside of glorious. In China, OLAY has become the eyes of many women's skin beauty expert.

All along, OLAY been the development of the times and changes to improve itself, and keep it in mind the image of a beautiful pilot. In the early 80's, OLAY ad front of the beautiful bride show of Chinese women living in a beautiful one. Early 90s, with the continuous breakdown products, and different needs for consumer products continue to emerge, OLAY started pay more attention to skin care for women, Chinese women by bringing high technology to perfect skin health, skin care expert on this set brand image. Since then, OLAY products beyond the efficacy of propaganda, more emphasis on the emotional world of women's concern, first launched the "pampered" and "harmony", "beautiful" and the concept of caring women. So far, OLAY has not only a skin care brand, and gradually become emotional while the affinity of women in the world.

December 2003

Olay Beauty Skin Science as the Third International Diamond Conference partners

Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati invited skin care research center, Dr. Donald L. Bissett, senior scientist, academic introduction to the international beauty skin bathed skin, improve complexion and upcoming breakthrough whitening technology.

September 2003

Oil of Olay skin products grand new call market, which uses cell skin care, new technology, new mechanism of activation, from the beginning of each cell to refresh skin. Product line includes: new repair cream, milk and newborn newborn meticulous care moisturizing Lotion SPF three products

June 2003

Olay Whitening and more effective care bath products market, to achieve clean, moisturize, natural whitening of the triple effect

February 2003

Olay Mask new family member - the new Oil of Olay nutrition Hydra Mask

December 2002

Not yet available in the Mainland market and more efficient repair of Olay Cream implied in anti-aging skin care breakthrough technology in the Seventh China-Japan Joint Conference on the skin are widely recognized experts

September 2002

Ying Mining series launched Olay Whitening Mask Beauty Huancai

December 2001

Purifying Olay cosmetics cotton by the United States trade organizations CEW Beauty Contest awarded first prize in the annual

Olay Purifying cotton was selected as the most popular American Home Economics Association Award

December 2001

Olay Purifying cotton series launched, including the Ying Mining Purifying Whitening cotton, cotton and more than beauty moisturizing effect repair Purifying Purifying Sponge

October 2001

Olay brand skin-care products worldwide packaging and appearance update

May 2001

Olay Whitening Ying Mining series launch, including Olay Purifying cotton, Ying muscle Brightening Fluid, calls the skin whitening cream, white and radiant Cream, Whitening Cream Fu mining

September 2000

Olay launched multi-effect repair cream

June 2000

Fragrance launched Olay Revitalizing Body Lotion

April 2000

Sun introduced the new concept of Olay whitening

March 2000

The new make-up series - Oil of Olay cosmetics line launched

January 2000

Nourishing Eye Gel Olay launched


Olay UV Whitening Moisturizing series launched


Skin beauty college established Olay

Olay launched the first in the country with anti-aging effects of the cleanser - Olay Revitalizing Cleanser


Olay launch of activating family, including activating essence cream and renewing U.S. White Dew

December 1997

Olay for the first time launched a new personal care products, cleaning - Oil of Olay Moisturizing Body Milk


Crystal Gel Olay launched, anti-UV range and Cream


Olay to "give your skin youth" slogan to enter the Chinese market by introducing moisture Series

Brand Story

The early 1950s, chemist Graham Wulff (Graham Wulff) working in South Africa's Industrial Development Corporation (Industrial Development Corporation). He is an inventor, and set up a small home lab in order to develop products in the leisure time. He specializes in skin care, the decision to deploy a new and right out of the human product. As he himself stated: "I decided to work as much as possible to deploy a kind of skin care products with skin similar ─ can quickly penetrate the skin to maintain stable and suitable for skin products. It can restore moisture, moisture, protect the skin , and ten minutes after use will make skin look soft and not oily. "

He is very important to understand the efficacy of products: "While advertising can sell products, but in the long run, unless the product than the same type of product excellence, and really achieve the effect of all claims, otherwise it is not long-term sales."

His wife, Dinah (Dinah) plays a more perfect formula provides for the proposal, she was always try the product he had invented until the special effects to achieve the best so far. Together they not only modify the characteristics of products, such as absorbent and oil, also chose the pink and feminine fragrance. Formula until they are satisfied, they began manufacturing the first batch of products.

Graham Wulff in order to publicize his innovative products, and Jiekeluoer of group companies. Jiekeluoer marketing capabilities and advertising campaign very well, he invented the Oil of Olay (Oil of Olay) the name, writing copy, and design of standard packaging

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OLAY, OLAY Fashion brand, OLAY Fashion, OLAY Official Website, All along, OLAY been the development of the times and changes to improve itself, and keep it in mind the image of a beautiful pilot