yeshon, yeshon Fashion brand, yeshon Fashion, yeshon Official Website, Yan Huang was born in 1987, for wild goose feather soft warmth, luxury products named, is one of the first down brand.

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I. Introduction (A) Company History In 1999, the establishment of Lishui City, Yan Huang Down Products Co., Ltd.. In 2000, changed its name to Zhejiang Jiang Yanhuang Down Products Co., Ltd., Yan Wong product penetration in the major stores, "Yan Huang" products with outstanding quality and innovative style has won the favor and trust of customers, business enterprises to enter new phase. In 2001, through Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Jiangsu and Shanghai, the study, the final decision to Shanghai as the second start of the main base, on March 19 for registration set down Shanghai Yan Huang Products Limited, formed a high Quality personnel R & D center and radiation centers - Shanghai. In 2002, "Yan Huang" products warmth, light, stylish features recognized by the market, from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and sales network around the eastern, central spread. In 2003, the sales network extends to national eight provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions); "Yan Huang" fashion down tight pants sold in the market to achieve zero inventory. In 2004, the first national distributor orders will be held in July in Shanghai, the company; the same year by ISO9001/14001 international quality / environmental management system certification. In 2005, the sales network covering 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, "Yan Huang" fashion pants down as the industry down, "lead goose" to fame. In 2006, Donghua University, co-China clothing design research center, the first use of "brain" in product design and development, and to determine the "pioneer down" concept, Yan Huang and since the industry down, "pioneer" road, In the same year was "Shanghai Famous Brand", "state inspection" and other big awards, and has down pants patent. In 2007, participated in the Beijing (China) International Fashion Fair, the sales network covering 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and received a "down trade test Excellence Award." In 2008, the financial crisis sweeping the globe, Yan Huang company ranked number one in Hangzhou, the traffic police wear clothing and Jiangsu Telecom's bid was one stroke championship, winning millions of orders for the company. In 2009, the company's workshop, Huang, chairman of the four proposed deepening: the deepening of enterprise management, and deepen the market to expand and deepen product level, deepening the brand reputation; (B) of the corporate culture 1, Yan Huang would like training Yan Huang purpose - to serve the community, sincere to the truth Yan Huang idea - people-oriented, value social unity (ie, the value of life and social values, and integration of product value and social benefits, enterprise value and social benefits) Yan Huang spirit - the spirit of geese, the wind up Yan Huang life - moral and a minor in the joint development of Yan Huang things - a thousand days on the 1st, as one day; big fine thing, everything are fine Yan Wong image - mortal things, the good the United States as a mirror Yan Huang ambition - constantly pioneering and innovative Yan Huang goal - a century brand, the public reputation 2, Yan Huang Values Customer value as the research object, continuous practice, stakeholders (customers, employees, partners, shareholders and society) to maximize the value of carry forward Yan Huang Culture. 3, Yan Huang mission Continuously improve the scientific value of their own structure and processes; Continuously improve the competitiveness of the organization; Yan Huang continuously improve the public value and social value. 4, Yan Huang development Customer, target market, providing quality clothing and household supplies category, and continuously improve their lifestyle, establish and improve a culture of performance excellence and their own value system.
(C) Management 2004 through the ISO9001: 2000/14001: 2004 international quality / environmental management system certification, the quality of the environment in 2008 through the replacement of two systems audit to "well-designed, lean production, sincere service" approach to quality to ensure product quality ; 2006 Import GB/T19580 excellent performance evaluation model to raise the overall level of integrated management. Second, brand (A) of the product Clothing series: Down, down pants, down vest, down a shoulder, waist down, down gloves Bedding: Down by the composite is, air-conditioning quilts, silk quilts, seven holes were, pillow, mattress, cushions, blankets, sets (duvet cover, sheets, pillowcases), grass cloth seats, pillow mat, cushions, mosquito nets (B) of the brand positioning 1, down garment target consumer group orientation 22-40 year old urban intellectual women, they like fashion, chasing Chong Meili, in the economically more independent and strong spending power. 2, price positioning The implementation of high-quality products, affordable pricing consumption, to speak with the product quality, more rational market for consumption, use of differentiation strategies to meet customer needs. 3, the brand concept: promoting a pioneer in fashion lifestyle 4, brand culture: the courage to open up, gritty geese culture 5, Brand Style: fashion, casual, innovative, detail 6, brand image: concern yourself, love others and positive image of young urban pioneers 7, brand promotion: A focus on cultural dissemination, promotion of "pioneers, trying to win" the behavior and attitude (3) Brand Story "Yan Huang" was born in 1987, for "wild goose feather" soft warmth, luxury products named, is one of the first down brand. Today, "Yan Huang" to "innovation" as the basic starting point, with "competitive difference" for the operation of the means of leading the development direction of down products. Yan Huang for technical reforms pave the way off The late 80s, is still a luxury down products, "Yan Huang" to tailor and customize the way customer service. Then break the traditional design structure, the practice of the original three-tier process changes into the four process approach to effectively prevent the drill down phenomenon. The choice of the surface lining, "Yan Huang" out of uniform at the time of cotton, T / C fabric, choose a pattern for a variety of printing processes and silk, peach skin, cotton, etc. Down production, for future development has laid a good foundation. Face the development of innovative products ahead of its time 90 years, starting from the luxury down products into the common life of the people warm in winter products, cold bread-type Down in the country dominating the world. "Yan Huang" rainy day, first introduced from abroad, high-end fashion design, combined with human studies, body mechanics, aesthetics, and color theory to extract the "fresh and unique, free and easy fashion" style. Knowledge of urban female target consumer groups, set of functionality and fashion as one of the "Goose Emperor" new concept of down garments, put on the market immediately popular. "Yan Huang" successful in finding their own high ground. Adjustment of product structure shape the brand Pioneer The twenty-first century, with the expansion of market demand down and feather products, popular, stylish down jackets have been household names, big brands have to intervene into the white-hot competition. Homogenization of the new ways for enhancing the level of differential advantage? "Yan Huang" Accumulate, rapidly changing their way of thinking, to focus on creating fashion-style, casual pants down, and put forward the new concept of leisure life style. "Yan Huang" pants down half the sky in just two years became popular, established brand in the industry pioneer status. Flying non-stop pace of the eternal fashion attitude The future is a combination of technology and fashion, "Yan Huang" the times of the wave will continue to try to change down products, for people pioneering new way of life.

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More then 9999 brands in from China, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germeny, Etc.
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yeshon, yeshon Fashion brand, yeshon Fashion, yeshon Official Website, Yan Huang was born in 1987, for wild goose feather soft warmth, luxury products named, is one of the first down brand.