Chloe, Chloe Fashion brand, Chloe Fashion, Chloe Official Website, Chloé from Paris, France, Chinese name: Nichole by, Keluoaiyi. Keluoaiyi (Chloe) brand was founded in 1952, was born only the ladies, then gradually increase the glasses, perfumes and bags handbags, footwear series.

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Chloé from Paris, France, Chinese name: Nichole by, Keluoaiyi. Keluoaiyi (Chloe) brand was founded in 1952, was born only the ladies, then gradually increase the glasses, perfumes and bags handbags, footwear series. Keluoaiyi (Chloe) Women's symbol is the veil on the style of floral patterns, soft flowing clothes lines, although the designers frequently replaced, but Keluoaiyi (Chloe) romantic style continues today. In the 50 years of brand history, Keluoaiyi (Chloe) and reinstating from different countries and different design style of the designer. A style of romantic German fashion master Karl Lagerfeld, the British have lively sexy talented woman Stella McCartney, is also full of nostalgia like a transparent material designers Phoebe Philo. Keluoaiyi (Chloe) can be regarded as a few do not rely on their own fame, only to be called good designer fashion brands. Experienced different styles for the fashion division of baptism, so Keluoaiyi (Chloe) did not sign an exclusive style. Second thoughts, this can make brand style flexible than other brands like the old rigid conservative.

1952 Keluoaiyi (Chloe) was born in the old tradition of new ideas of a post-war era, the traditional concept of forbidden overwhelmed by the new generation of fashion designers to the challenge again and again. Keluoaiyi (Chloe) of the two founders Jacques and Gaby is one of these courageous challengers. With two new insights into the female fashion and sensitivity, reversing the early fifties the French Women's rigid old-fashioned style, creating Keluoaiyi (Chloe) that women are curves, gentle romance and a bit of the spirit of the modern challenges French fashion.

In 1963, Keluoaiyi (Chloe) appointment Karl Rumsfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) as chief designer brands. Karl Lagerfeld expectations by extension Keluoaiyi (Chloe) soft romantic style and develop Keluoaiyi (Chloe) brand essence. Veil on flower pattern (Gauzy Floral Prints), soft flowing clothes lines are a creation of Karl Lagerfeld's Keluoaiyi (Chloe) logo style, the romantic spirit of Bohemia, a specific definition. Keluoaiyi (Chloe) of Bohemia the image of a 70's one of the most popular dress style, Karl Lagerfeld has also established itself from the fashion master status.

Keluoaiyi (Chloe) the same name fragrances launched in early 1974, and sold-out. Is still one of the world's best-selling perfume. Chloe's success attracted the Swiss group Richemont's interest in fashion, and in 1985 acquired from the two founders came.

The late 80s, Keluoyiyi (Chloe) from the Madingsite this (Martine Sitbon) at the helm. Madingsite this (Martine Sitbon) 1951 was born in Casablanca in North Africa, the age of 10 came to Paris, after the fashion of the production of specialized high-level learning. She has seven years of travel abroad, has been to Hong Kong, Mexico, India and other places, India, a great influence on her. Madingsite this (Martine Sitbon) is characterized by often indulged in the traditional costume accompanied by an unexpected fabric, as Keluoaiyi (Chloe) continuation of the dream elements.

In 1992, Karl Rumsfeld, (Karl Lagerfeld) back to the nest Keluoaiyi (Chloe) once again head the creative director, once again surprises for Keluoaiyi (Chloe) Women infiltrated many of the innovative elements of hippies.

In 1997, Karl Lagerfeld once again to leave, Beatles member Paul McCartney's daughter of British talented woman McCartney (Stella McCartney) Creative Director, his successor.斯特拉麦卡 McCartney (Stella McCartney) then only 26 years old, to act as Keluoyiyi (Chloe) total helmsman, not because she is a celebrity following, but she is talented. She loved the use of imagination, to back slender lines, mature clothing fabric Qingyi add a little interesting. For example, she had the fruit printing, naked women or animal patterns embroidered on the skirt or coat. Rob set off the veil, the dress look more lively so sexy.McCartney (Stella McCartney) Chloe design director of any period, constantly Keluoyiyi (Chloe) add a new element, and in 2000 Keluoaiyi (Chloe) designed a line of branded Vice "See by Chloe ". The new series of lively than the main line of younger, more full of fashion sense, it pushed Chloe's reputation and popularity to new heights.

In 2001, Stella's assistant Feibifeiluo (Phoebe Philo) took over as creative director. She continued Stella the spirit of the romantic and beautiful design to Qing Yi, young, lively style, coupled with one-third of nostalgia for the brand. Feibifeiluo born in the United Kingdom, the design of losing her elegant charm of Paris fashion, but also full of British style. In her abstract ideas, the Keluoaiyi (Chloe) relaxed and elegant fashion, although women are soft. As impressive, she won the British in 2004 "Designer of the Year" award. 2006 Feibifeiluo (Phoebe Philo) designed Chloe spring and summer series, the classic triangle skirt, chrysanthemum lace chiffon Chloe dress ... that looks like a 60's movie pretty girl.

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