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Skirt: skirt

Skirt is a kind of Wai in the lower body clothing, belonging to the two basic forms of downloading (the other is pants). Generalized skirt also includes dresses, petticoats, waist skirt. Skirt and skirts are generally Qunyao body composition, and some only a skirt and no Qunyao body. It is the earliest human clothing. Because ventilation cooling performance, wearing a convenience, ease of action, style, changing a number of advantages for the widely accepted by people, including women and children wearing more.

Shape and classification

by Qunyao location in the lumbar section of the line distinction, there is in the waist skirts, low-waist skirt, High waist skirt; distinguished by a long skirt, with dress (skirt to the tibia in the following), the skirt (skirt to below the knee, shin in the above), skirt (skirt to the knee or above), and short skirts (skirt only, and mid-thigh); according to skirt body contour distinction integration can be divided into skirts, oblique skirt, wrapped skirt three categories.
Dress skirt from the integration start, Chuiluo Qunyao barrel, or tubular skirt. Also known as Tongqun, straight skirt, straight skirt integration. Common are cheongsam dress, skirts, jackets, skirts, skirts, etc. Wei Guo. Skirt ① cheongsam dress. Left and right side seam slits. Due to shape and dress the part of the same name from below the waist. Multi-use silk, velvet, brocade, wool, velvet, fabric to cut. ② skirts. Usually closed forehead, pleated skirts and other methods to make body fit. A result of a suit jacket with matching dress and name. Multi-use it, velvet, chemical fiber blended fabrics and knitted fabrics to cut. ③ jacket patchwork skirt focus on decoration, in the suture Ji-open wire, there are horizontal pocket or at the patch pocket, after the skirt slits in the seam or front door, but also can be used dark folds. Jacket because of the decorative features with similar named. It mostly rugged, small canvas and other relatively thick fabric to cut. ④ Weiguo skirt. From Qunyao to swing open the skirt piece, usually in the predecessor overlap in order to link together the Department. So named due to Wei Guo-style dress. Fabric limited. May also need a link, Wei Guo lower body pieces after I squeezed Qunyao.
Bias Skirt from waist to hem oblique start was A-shaped skirt. Multi-purpose cotton, silk, thin material and chemical fiber fabrics and so on it to cut. By skirt-type composition can be divided into single-chip multi-chip oblique oblique skirts and skirts. Monolithic Bias Skirt also known as the frustum of a cone dress. Is equivalent to a width and length of the fabric, at the central hole dug CUT Waist skirt, should choose soft thin fabric to cut. Multi-chip ramp skirts by two or more fan-shaped vertical stitching fabric composition. Is usually named after the number of films, there are two oblique skirts, four inclined skirt 16 skirts so inclined. Common species are bell-shaped skirt, trumpet skirt, miniskirt, skirt and the skirt section and so on. ① bell-shaped skirt. Like bell shape skirt. Often the waist pleated skirt decorated so that body Peng, the inside lining, or add quality linen petticoats. ② trumpet skirt. Dress the upper body and the body closely attached waist-hip from the hip-line oblique start, horn-like shape. ③ miniskirt: miniskirt. ④ skirt. There are stereotypes pleated skirt. Usually a high plasticity fabric, heating press out fold-shaped. There pleated skirt, Pleated Skirt and so on. Pleated skirt skirts and body-width for the one-sided fold out folds and dark. Pleated skirts are usually part of more than hip joints Shoulong Ji-tuck, hip line for a hot live fold. Pleated skirt pleated skirt Pleated generally higher than wide and varied. ⑤ Festival skirt. Also known as the tower skirt. Skirt body to the horizontal multi-chip multi-level editing, such as tower-like shape. Usually Hikiji long skirt, pumping each section broken piece pleated skirt, creating wave effects. Prevalent in the early 19th century European royal family, multi-wear for the grand social occasions. Section have now been shorter skirts, easy to wear everyday
wrapped skirt skirt wrapped with cloth wrapping the trunk and legs, with three-dimensional cutting system of France cut skirt. A result of winding are different ways of dress style is also varied. Often as the evening wound skirt dress, when the body moves, the body of crepe pleated skirt gives a rhythm of light and shadow effects of beauty.

Skirt and customs

skirt is the world's one of the most common clothing.
In the tradition of the Han ethnic apparel, skirts occupy a very important position. T-shirt Xia Chang (short coat skirts and so on, skirts or dress of the ancient times known) is the most basic form of traditional Chinese costumes. During 2000, many years, although the length of skirt width changes from time to time, but the basic shape has always maintained the original style. China's 55 ethnic minorities, including 36 wearing a skirt, or through the skirts and some wore skirts, they are: Korean, Dongxiang, Tu, Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Xibe, Tajiks, Uzbeks , Russian, Tatar, Lhoba, Yi, Hani, Dai, Lisu Lisu, Wa, Naxi, Jingpo, Blang, Pumi, Nu, De'ang, Dulong, Jino, Miao, Buyi , Achang, aquarium, Gelos, Zhuang, Yao, Tujia, Li, SHE, and Gaoshan. China's ethnic minorities, to wear dresses mostly concentrated in Xinjiang, speaking of the various ethnic groups in the Altai language, such as the Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Xibe, Tajikistan, and Russia. Tatar and other nationalities. Kazakh women to have more wear long dresses, with brightly-colored printed cloth sewing, chest township have patterns that are folded crepe hem. Tajik women wear a red dress with a flower, clothing and no collar, Sleeve-off wrist, long skirts cover enough. In order to protect the appearance and dress, married women often colored aprons at the waist line, the hips were all covered. Uzbek women also wear a bright color of the dress, called "Kui ng", collar, cuffs, hem are embroidered patterns, jacket black sleeveless jacket, looked chic and generous. Tatar women's skirt is a great long dress with wrinkled edges, upload a small cuff, color, mostly white, yellow, dark reddish brown.
In Asia, the widespread custom of wearing a skirt. South Korea's traditional national costumes from the composition of a short coat and long skirt. Myanmar, many people wear Tongqun, called "cage-based" (male), "Fredrick Termin" (female). Skirt generally higher than the body twice as wide and one and not the Department of belts, men dress only in the front with knot restraints, skirt the side restraints. Male skirt multi-purpose side cloth production, multi-purpose flower lattice skirt making, while the rich are wearing silk. Yemenis also generally wear skirts, is their national costumes. In the South Pacific countries such as Fiji and Samoa, its government officials and the president, in a formal setting all wear plain skirts.
In Western civilization, the skirt is generally considered to be ladies. But there are exceptions, such as Scotland, the Scottish men's skirt. Some fashion designers have also designed a men's skirt.
Nations in the world, men with skirts of a few, such as the Yemeni men wear short skirts, Tuta in southern India were men are the Department of aprons, Iroquois men wore deerskin skirts, men wear white cotton Huo shorter than a man skirts, Myanmar, Thailand phao thai men to wear skirts Commission, Britain's Scottish men like to wear short skirts and so on lattice. South Pacific countries like Samoa, Fiji and other countries, men generally wear a skirt. There are also some of China's Dai ethnic minority men to wear skirts.

Skirt and Health

wearing a skirt the law to be followed by weather. Suitable for wearing a skirt best temperature is 18 ℃ or above, so in early spring or after the Mid-Autumn Festival is not appropriate to wear dresses, so as to avoid bodily harm. When the weather is too cold is best not to wear a skirt. If the wear, but also should pay attention to keep warm. For example, many Tunisians all year round, with dresses, and therefore every wet cold season, many people over the age of 40 must be due to chronic arthritis away hospital.
Every late autumn early winter season, a considerable number of young men and women in pursuit of grace and beauty, still wearing a skirt, causing knee subjected to the cold air attacks have become sore, or even suffering from arthritis. The cold air will stimulate the skin and cause vasoconstriction, leading to poor skin blood flow; fragile fat cells occur degeneration, subcutaneous adipose tissue prone to lumps, skin was purple, touch hard, but also accompanied by tickle more seriously, but also skin ulceration, which is "cold nature of adipose tissue inflammation." Because of this disease, mainly in the young men and women wearing skirts, it is also known as the "skirt disease." If you are suffering from the cold nature of adipose tissue inflammation, light are as long as the appropriate increase in clothing, keep warm, a few weeks can be self-healing; symptoms such as skin ulceration are heavier, you must go to hospital for treatment.

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